Thursday 4 July 2013

Declining Impact Factor of Medical Hypotheses since 2010


Since I was sacked from editing Medical Hypotheses in May 2010, the Impact Factor...

(citations to Medical Hypotheses in the target year for papers published in the preceding two years - so that the 2012 IF is citations in that year for papers published in 2010 and 2011 - which means that the 2012 IF is still not free of the effect of papers I accepted while still editor in the first four months of 2010)

...has declined from being above average for all medical journals (and therefore considerably above average for all journals) to, well, mediocrity:

I do not note this fact merely from schadenfreude but also because the journal which currently styles itself 'Medical Hypotheses' is a dishonest fake and a travesty of the vision bequeathed by the founder David Horrobin; and as such it ought to be closed-down - and on present trends it surely will be.

Which is nice.